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Buggy Allstars was a project funded by the Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association to build a VR Buggy game in celebration of Carnegie Mellon University’s 100 year history. However, due to COVID-19, we had to put our VR experience temporarily to create a web-based game until work can resume on the full VR experience in time for next Carnival Spring 2020.

Play and find the dev blog of the project ︎︎︎ here ︎︎︎

Keep an eye out when we continue Spring 2020!

Buggy AllStars
#VR Experience #WebGL

14 weeks, Spring 2020

Team 24-person studio comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty. Read about the team here

Future Plans
Continue VR Experience Spring 2021

Unity, HTC Vive

My contribution
Gameplay programming, Game Physics, UI programming

The 4 months spent on this project was a mix of gameplay, physics, and UI programming work. The game also exists in 2 completely different versions. We began work in December on the VR version of the experience, with plans of showcasing our work in April during CMU’s spring carnival. When it was certain that spring carnival would be canceled due to the pandemic, we had to switch focus to a WebGL version of the game. Especially in retrospect, the whole team handled the abrupt change in direction, format, workflow, and expectations extremely well. On the programming and art side, a lot of our work on control schemes and VR specific features were put on hold till next year as we shifted to trimming and optimizing the core game and assets to run on a browser.

Prior to our switch to WebGL, part of my time was spent working with the design team to prototype some VR UI for the main menu, pause screens, and the HUD as they needed it. This was mixed with some work with implementing Inverse Kinematics. However, most was spent on constructing a system to make our core gameplay easy enough for all to experience from start to finish while maintaining significant competitive aspects. I go over both Inverse Kinematics and core gameplay problems in great detail on entries in my ‘coding bits’ page, but you can navigate to them directly by clicking the icons:

For the WebGL version, I continued work on UI, but mostly to do with linking large parts of team member’s scripts together for the desired functionality and bug fixing. Additionally, I did some work on triggers for the sound team.